Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weigh In 3-14-12

I had a kinda stressful day today and was craving some fast food or something not good for me. I had to go to walmart and I thought I would look through the freezer stuff and see if I could find anything somewhat healthy and yummy. I found this. I was 8 points the the meal and it really filled me up with the rice. I also drank a bottle of water on my way home to fill up my stomach. I feel pretty content right now. I am going to make a dessert here in a little bit.
I ran for 40 minutes today. I am not to pleased with my pace. Hopefully it is not right since I did part of my run inside. It was a beautiful day but I was getting awfully hot outside so I decided to run in the halls of the school. I should have done it out side but I figure it was better to run inside than have a heat stroke. I think it will take some time to get use to running in the warm weather. I had my weigh in today and I lost 2 pounds this week. Since I gained one last week we will say I really lost 1. Even though it is only one I am still pleased because am at the lowest I been able to get down to. I have lost 17 pounds since Christmas.

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