Saturday, March 17, 2012


Kelly's Korner is doing a link up for those going through infertility. I am linking up because we are still going through infertility after almost 5 years. I originally started this blog as a way to deal with infertility and follow others going through it. It has been a great journey. I love reading stories of other infertiles when they finally become pregnant. Through this experience I have also found a passion for running and I love to read blog of runners.

Our infertility story is marked by mostly trying on our own. We have been to 2 doctors and had a little treatment with injectibles. I have PCOS and do not ovulate. I have been told that IVF is our best option but we are not ready to spend $15,000 on it. We are planning to do some treatments this summer so hopefully that will go well.

Through infertility my husband and I have found our way back to having a life with God. We regularly attend church and I find myself having a relationship with God. I am learning to let go of my anxiety and put my life in God's hands because he has a plan for us. We just have to trust him.

The title of this blog is We Are the Lucky Ones and I truly believe that we are lucky to have gone through this journey. We have had several opportunities to do things we couldn't have if we had children right away. We are in a great financial place and we feel good about the life we have made together.


  1. Found you via Kelly's Korner. I will be following and praying for you and your husband as you wait for your child.

  2. Since you said you like to read people's success stories, you may want to check mine out! I have my story written out under February 2010. I pray God grants you your heart's desire!

  3. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner to say hi! I also struggle with infertility but have a beautiful (almost) 1 year old daughter through the blessing of adoption. God is faithful and loving, even when we can't see through the pain, and He has an amazing plan for your family! Keep trusting Him!

  4. Found you throught KK's blog, Your story is very similar to mine. I have PCOS & Type 2 Diabetes- blah. We're having our first consulation tomorrow with the RE and hopefully plan to start treatments this summer too! We've been trying for almost 5.5 years. I hope this is our year girly, and I look forward to following your journey!!

  5. I found you through Kelly's Korner as well, I am blog #77 and checking out the other blogs. I have PCOS as well, and we are going on our 5th year of TTC as well after multiple rounds of fertility drugs, and this past month our first failed IVF cycle. I will definitely be 'following' and praying for you.