Sunday, September 25, 2011

Couponing- The Addiction Continues

As I was driving between five Walgreens I felt like I have a problem. That problem is couponing. I guess if saving money is my worst habit I have I will stick with it. Here are my stats from today's haul.

Money Spent                 $27.56
Register Rewards           $21.60
CVS Bucks                      $8.98

This means that I made $3.02 today and I got the following items:
2 gatorade
2 8 ct Excedrin
4 Balance Bars
4 razors
6 bottles of contact solution
1 heat wrap
3 cough drinks
8 packages of maxi pads

I snapped these next two pictures. I love the way the sun looks on leaves that are in the middle of changing colors.

Monday, September 5, 2011

More Organization

Organizing the Stockpile



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

 So I haven't had a chance to plan out my shopping trip until tonight so I haven't gotten very good deals for the week. I went to Walgreen's and got the above items for $7.06. I also got $8 in RR back to use on my next purchase. I would have gotten a better deal but I needed the Kit Kats for the cake below.

I made this cake for our family reunion today.
 Famility Reunion
We went to a Family Reunion for my mom's side of the family today. It is always held during Labor Day weekend. It was a really nice time. We ate and then played some softball. We got some bad news shortly after we arrived home. We found out that my uncle (mom's brother) passed away in his sleep last night. This has come as quite a shock because he was only 58 and really didn't have major health problems.

Friday, September 2, 2011

More Deals

I got all of the stuff in this picture for FREE and they gave be  9 cents back again.

The bottles of lemonade and orange juice cost $1 and I had $1 off coupons for them. The Cascade Packs cost $.97 cents and I had save $1 coupons. Yay Wal Mart!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More good deals!!

This blog seems to have turned into a place to brag about all of my great deals.

 Here is my most recent find:

These Febreeze  warmers sell for $2.97 and I had 3 save $3 coupons. I use all three at WalMart and was able to get these warmers for free and the store gave me 9 cents at the end of the transaction. All I had to do was carry these out of the store and they paid me.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend and Coupon Haul

I started my weekend off on Friday night celebrating my grandma's 81st birthday. A group of us got together and went to Gingham's. It was a good time.

Aunt Ann and Uncle John

The group- Grandma standing on the right

My sister, Julie, and I decided that we wanted to be stylish so we go feathers put in our hair.

Julie and I had lunch at 54th Street

The park where I am hosting a picnic for my sorority

Me at work today- ha ha ha ha


I purchased all of these items for $12.50 out of pocket. I then earned $13.00 Register Rewards which means that the stores paid me $.50 to carry this stuff home.

Those are big bags of M&Ms by the way.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coupon Queen

I have taken up a new hobby. Couponing has become a new obsession source of entertainment for me. Every week I get the store ads and coupons and try to get the best deals that I can find. I also follow the website that links me up with current deals in my area. Tonight I got one of my best deals.

Walgreens had Dove soap on sale for $.99 and then they had a register reward deal with it. I also purchased some index cards for .99 to use as filler items.

Total cost of everything pictured = $33.81
Total amount I paid = $4.62

How did I do it? First of all I did it in 5 separate transactions.
* Instore coupon to make soap .99
* Instore coupon to make index cards .39
* 4 $3 RR from previous purchase

15 bars of soap and 4 packs of index cards for $4.62 not bad, right???? Well the deal did not end there.
I got 5 $6 RR. That means that I spent less than $5 to make $30. That is a $25 profit just for carrying these soaps out of the store.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This weekend started off the football season for me. Friday night I went to a football game that my high school was playing in. My brother in law is also helping coach the team. It was fun to go and watch. The team actually played pretty well which was surprising since they were not that good when I was there. Saturday Mitch worked on building shelves in our basement. They turned out great and I love them.

That night we got to go to a Ram's preseason game. It was nice to see them win.

Today we slept in and then did work around the house. Mitch cut the grass and worked in the yard and I cleaned house.

 I love our new Scency warmer. It smells like birthday cake.