Sunday, September 25, 2011

Couponing- The Addiction Continues

As I was driving between five Walgreens I felt like I have a problem. That problem is couponing. I guess if saving money is my worst habit I have I will stick with it. Here are my stats from today's haul.

Money Spent                 $27.56
Register Rewards           $21.60
CVS Bucks                      $8.98

This means that I made $3.02 today and I got the following items:
2 gatorade
2 8 ct Excedrin
4 Balance Bars
4 razors
6 bottles of contact solution
1 heat wrap
3 cough drinks
8 packages of maxi pads

I snapped these next two pictures. I love the way the sun looks on leaves that are in the middle of changing colors.


  1. Hey! I am visiting from Kelly's Korner! It looks like we would have alot in common!
    I am now a follower!

  2. Dropping by to visit you from Kelly's Korner too. I spy the same contact lense solution that I use! 6 bottles of it is a really good deal, cos that stuff is insanely expensive here in NZ. :O