Sunday, May 8, 2011

Formal/ Mother's Day 5/8/2011

Celebrating Kristen's 10th birthday

Mother's Day- Bittersweet.
I have not been fond of this day for the past few years. I hate waking up on this day and having to go around like nothing is wrong. It really sucked having to read all of the facebook posts this morning but what helped the most was people who mentioned people who cannot have kids.
sad Jennifer and Aaron are not in this picture but they will be soon enough

Wedding Weekend 4/30/2011

This is my beautiful sister walking down the isle with dad

bridesmaids after getting our hair done

during the ceremony


The bride and I

My other sister (Julie), Kelli, and me

Destin Vacation

This week Kelly's Korner is doing favorite vacation spots. Last September we went to Destin, FL and it was wonderful!!! It was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever gone on. 

These are some beach houses on the beach that we went to every day.

The Beach

At the pier

The pool at the house that we rented for the week.

Mitch and I with our niece and nephews

everyone on the beach

Week Ending 4-24-2011

We wend to the Cardinal's game on Tuesday. OMG!!!! bad idea!!! We got caught in a terrible storm and after a 2+ hour rain delay the game was canceled.

On Wednesday we finished MAP testing at school. It is nice to have it over with. I bought my students pizza to celebrate the end of testing. They seemed to enjoy it. Since the game got rained out Tuesday night it was rescheduled for Wednesday at 1:15 pm. We that was nice since Mitch and I were both at work during that time. My principal let my TA and I leave school a couple of hours early and go to the game. How awesome!!! I was so shocked she let us go but apparently the kids were good while we were gone.

Thursday I had to get my car inspected and then guess what!!! I went to the Cardinal's game with my mom. It was fun and they won so that was nice. I went back to my parents house for the evening and we ordered pizza.

Friday, no Cardinals game!! Well there was one but we did not go. My mom and I met at the movie theater to see Hop and it was sold out. Since she had just gotten my sisters car inspected we went and got our plates renewed and then headed to my godmothers house and took her shopping and then we went to a fish fry. When we got back to my parents house it started to storm. There were warnings everywhere. We had hail and pretty serious rain and wind. There were several tornadoes and it has been on the nationwide news. Lambert Airport was hit really bad. Many windows were blown out and planes even got moved around. A van ended up on the roof of a building.

Saturday we meet my husbands family at IHOP to celebreate Easter. It was nice to get together with everyone and see the kids. We also did some grocery shopping and we went to OAces for dinner. I prepared my treats for Easter Sunday. I made peanut butter toffee, buffalo chicken dip, and deviled eggs.