Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coupon Queen

I have taken up a new hobby. Couponing has become a new obsession source of entertainment for me. Every week I get the store ads and coupons and try to get the best deals that I can find. I also follow the website stlmommy.com that links me up with current deals in my area. Tonight I got one of my best deals.

Walgreens had Dove soap on sale for $.99 and then they had a register reward deal with it. I also purchased some index cards for .99 to use as filler items.

Total cost of everything pictured = $33.81
Total amount I paid = $4.62

How did I do it? First of all I did it in 5 separate transactions.
* Instore coupon to make soap .99
* Instore coupon to make index cards .39
* 4 $3 RR from previous purchase

15 bars of soap and 4 packs of index cards for $4.62 not bad, right???? Well the deal did not end there.
I got 5 $6 RR. That means that I spent less than $5 to make $30. That is a $25 profit just for carrying these soaps out of the store.

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