Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back at it

With the start of the new school year I am trying to get back into a routine. I am trying to eat healthier, exercise more, use my time better, and blog more! So.. I'm starting today. While I do not like having to go to work and would rather sleep in and go to the pool I have to help pay the bills. The start of the new school year is a nice begging for me and it helps me restart. I love that fall is right around the corner.

We had a busy weekend. We started off going to the zoo Saturday morning. Our zoo is really awesome because they do not charge for entry. We also parked on the street so we did not have to pay for that either. We got up really early and went because there are a few exhibits that charge and you are able to go to them for free the first hour. We saw the stingrays and sharks and even got to pet them.

 For lunch we went to Olive Garden and then did a little shopping at the mall.

We also went to my nephew's 5th birthday party. I cannot believe that he is 5.
He is about 9 months old in this picture.
 5th Birthday

yes he is reading the card in this picture. He has been reading for almost a year and will not start kindergarten until next year.

Today was mostly spend doing things around the house. I put away a ton of laundry and did little projects, I also went to Walgreen's and did some couponing. I think that is all for now. I need to get to bed soon because tomorrow is the first day that we have to report to work and we have open house so it will be a long day.

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