Sunday, February 5, 2012

Down 2.4

Today was weigh in day. I lost 2.4 pounds this week. I am surprised I lost because I only ate healthy about half the week. The other half not so much. I lost though and I am excited about that. I did work out 5 days this past week so I am sure that helped. My workouts included 3 days of  week 4 of Couch to 5K and 2 days of walking at least 30 mins. I have a 20 minute run coming up on Friday. I am really excited and nervous. I am hoping I am ready for it.

Today is the SuperBowl. I am a little disappointed that the Packers are not in it. We are going over to my sister and brother in laws house to watch the game. We are all bringing yummy appetizers. I am making mini pizza and buffalo dip. I am also bringing carrots and celery to eat with the buffalo dip. (I bought chips too). So far today I have only eaten a banana. I am not really that hungry which is good because I am sure I will eat plenty later. I am also trying to drink a lot to stay full today.

I started Provera yesterday. I figured I havent had a cycle since before Christmas so I should brobably induce one.

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