Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer School

Well two weeks off was not enough. We started summer school this week and it will go until July 1st. It is not too bad because in is only 4.5 hours a day for 4 days a week but I was getting really use to being off. Oh well gotta make some money for the treatments this summer. Mitch and I agreed that we would only spend what I make working summer school. On a more fun note I have some fun plans this summer. The school district I work for had someone come in selling packages to get really cheap tickets for decent seats to the St Louis Cardinal's baseball games so we are going to 6 games this summer and fall. I am most excited about the last game of the season. I am also going to Minneapolis for my sorority convention. I along with both of my sisters were in the same sorority in college. I was president and then my other sister was president and now my younger sister is president (did that make sense). I am also an advisor for the chapter so it should be a fun trip with my sisters. Hopefully we will also be taking a trip with my husbands brothers and their families to Destin in September. We are still trying to get the details figured out and I will have to take a week off work so I am not sure if it will be feasible but it is nice to have something fun to look forward to!

Also I am posing a link to the Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Predictor Kit that I just used. I really recommend using it. It is super easy and much cheaper to purchase on Amazon. I paid $50 for the 20 count at wal-greens and it is only $39.49 on Amazon.

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  1. sounds like a busy summer that you have planned.
    I just went to a conference today - our speaker was a midwife from Missouri. She had some interesting stories about the regional differences in care.