Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Festivities

I hope that I do not bore you with this post. It is just an outline of what we have done the past few days. 

December 23, 2010
On Thursday we had Christmas with my family. Since my dad works for the highway department and they were calling for snow we figured he would have to work overnight Christmas Eve so we had Christmas before the snow hit.

My sister Julie and our dogs

My sisters and I

Christmas Eve

 This is what we woke up to on Christmas Eve here in Missouri. Since Mitch had to work I decided that I was not going out in the snow to go to my aunt for dinner. Well the snow slowed and I decided that I was going to head out. By the time I got ready it was snowing again but I had made up my mind that I was going so... I went. It was a slow drive but and hour and a half later I made it to my aunts house (normally only takes 40 mins).

Some of us on Christmas Eve     

Christmas Day and Today with my husbands family

Emma and Zach


Mitch and I

We had a wonderful time with our family during the holidays and we are very thankful for them!

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