Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yesterday was Jennifer's (my sister) graduation for her master's degree. I was very fun to go down to the college where I went for undergrad. I also met my husband there and my youngest sister goes there now. You could say that we are a Southeast Missouri State University family. It is kinda neat that we have all gone there. I am very proud of my sister. She has worked very hard to be a Speech Language Pathologist.

The title of this blog is "We Are the Lucky Ones". Yesterday was a great example of how we are the lucky ones. I am so thankful that we have a family that is focused on education. However there was an instance yesterday where I thought about Mitch having kids and how it would be neat for them to go there. This did bring on some sadness. TO add salt to the wound I saw a friend who's younger sister just had a baby. I am sure that this has been a happy occasion for the family I really to feel sadness for them and consider myself the lucky one. This girl that had the baby is a freshman in college and has had to drop out of school to care for her child. I am so lucky that I did not have to go through that. I know that when we do have children the timing will be right and we will be prepared mentally and financially to care for our children.


  1. Got your message. How did you guys come across our blog? Do we have friends in common? Just curious. I'm sorry you are having fertility issues. My husband and I were married 6 years before we got pregnant. Fortunately it only took us 2 years of trying before we found what worked for us. Hang in there. I know what it feels like to want a child so badly. Even though I have two, I still have a huge void in my life for another. I have had a miscarriage and just lost Tristan, too, since I had the twins. I know I can never replace the two I lost, but part of me still has this huge void that needs to be filled. We all have such huge sufferings in our lives...all very different and cannot be compared. Hugs from Virginia.

  2. thank you so much for your kind words. I saw someone talking about your story on their blog. I think it was Kelly's Korner or In this Wonderful Life.