Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's been going on

Normally I watch Off the Map on Wednesdays but it is not on tonight so I find myself a little off my routine of sitting on the couch. Last week I posted some pictures from the Cardinal's game. Here are a few more from the game on April 5th.

Other than going to Cardinal's games it has been pretty uneventful around here. We worked in the yard this weekend. Mitch planted several vegetables and we put mulch in the front flower beds and around the trees. It makes it look a little more finished.

We are in the middle of our state testing so things at school are pretty crazy right now. Everybody is on edge hoping that the students do well. I am not too worried but I hope the kids do well. We also have a ton of IEPs going on right now so that makes it extra busy.

As far as TTCing, not much is going on there. I take the Prometrium to start my cycle and have bloodwork that always says that I don't ovulate. We are not really adding any other medications right now. Things are just so busy we don't have much time to think about kids. That is probably for the best. It will happen right??

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