Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last Weekend

Since this weekend is almost over I figured I should go ahead and put up the post I started for last weekend. See below. Hopefully I will add pictures later. Sitting here the night before Easter I think of the way it would be if we had children. I would be getting them ready for bed and then getting their Easter surprises ready. I would also be setting out their church outfits. Its hard thinking about those things. Instead I just finished cleaning the carpets. I did get to make baskets for my niece, nephews, and cousin so that helped with the celebrating part.

Friday night some people from work got together and went to a place called the Royale Dump. It is a dinner theater. It was fun. I have never been to something quite like this.

Saturday I went to a Founder's Day celebration for Sigma Sigma Sigma with my Alumnae Group. It is an interesting group of women. Some are young and some are older but it is a neat feeling that we are all bonded by being part of something.

On my way home I went to Trader Joes. This is a new favorite store of mine. I feel like I am eating healthy when I buy snacks and such from there. 

Saturday night Mitch and I went to the movies. We have not been in quite a while so it was nice. We saw Soul Surfer.

Sunday I drove down to Cape Girardeau to my college to go to the sorority Founder's Day celebration for the chapter that I am an advisor for.

I  came home, cooked dinner, and went for a walk. Now I am relaxing watching TV. After a busy weekend I am excited to get this week started. I only have 3 days of work and then I am off for 5 WHOLE DAYS!!!!

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