Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Snow Snow

Well here in St. Louis we were expecting a major snow storm. It didn't quite happen but it was still a big mess. Instead of a foot of snow we got about an inch of ice and three inches of snow. Ice is scary. In 2006 we had a major ice storm that left people without electricity for a week. When they were calling for this storm they said this could be a possibility again. I freaked out. Luckily we did not lose electricity!!! We have made it through. I have been off work all week. That's right we had 5 snow days this week and they are calling for more snow next week so who knows how long it will be before we go back to school. I am kinda enjoying not working. Anyway I have been watching a lot of TV since being home bound and I really think that it is nice that TV shows are bringing up infertility. I have been watching the Housewives of New Jersey (not sure what season this is from but it is on regular TV now so I am sure it is a few years old). One of the ladies on there is battling recurrent miscarriages. I am sure money is no object to her and I am sure she can get whatever treatment she wants the show still shows her emotions and feelings of being at fault for losing the babies. Also Grey's Anatomy has briefly mentioned the infertility struggles of Meredith and Derek. Guiliana and Bill is another show that brings up infertility. What other shows out there mention infertility?

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