Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missouri Weather

This weather is driving me crazy!!! Missouri is the craziest place for weather. I love Fall because it starts to get chilly without being too cold. A couple of weeks ago it was cold enough that I had to wear a jacket to and from work and I had to turn the furnace on. was almost ninety degrees. We went to the mall today. As I walked into Sears wearing a tank top I saw Christmas decorations. I thought this was quite weird. Is it weird that I am wearing a tank top in October or is it weird that Christmas decorations are out before Halloween??? I think that it was weird that both of these events occurred at the same time so I had Mitch take my picture.

My hair is looking a hot mess in this picture. We had a busy day today. Mitch went over to his brothers house to help pour a patio so I stayed at home and did some much needed cleaning. It was nice to get some things done that I needed to. I took the dogs for a walk. They are so out of shape. When got home and they were huffing and puffing for the longest time. I think the walk helped calm them down. They are normally very hyper Yorkies but they have just laid around the house all day. I might start taking them on more walks to help with their hyperactivity. After the walk I made steak, baked potatos and broccoli for lunch. Well our grill ran out of gas half way through cooking so I had to use the oven. After lunch I power washed some of the outside of the house. I am going to do the rest tomorrow. I love power washing (despite the fact that I drenched my hair while doing it). I love how quickly you can clean things with a power washer. I should have taken before and after pics but I didn't. Well I think that is about enough rambling. I am going to make some smores.

Oh one more thing My Great Grandpa Joy would have been 100 today if he were still alive. 

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